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Compassion - Sponsor a Child

Monday, May 11, 2009

These Ol' Bones Will Tell Your Story

Did you know, that the United States is the largest consumer of dairy products and foods high in calcium content - well over double any other country in the world? However, in the same vein, the current US population still manages to take in less bone-growth stimulating calcium, than previous generations. Instead Americans consume high rates of animal protein and phosphate rich such as carbonated drinks. An excess of phosphate in the blood can potentially cause damage to the kidneys. Further, the US also has the highest rates of osteoporosis, and bone fractures in later life. As appears the tradition of 'choices', many health stores, and apothecaries stock virtually an endless array of vitamin and mineral supplements to 'regenerate' bone density and strength. While many of these supplements may be beneficial to some degree, it is important that the compound be adequately soluble to absorb into the body. The test for this is to place a tablet into a glass of vinegar and stir it. Within one half hour the tablet should be completely dissolved. If not, it will neither dissolve in the stomach. This test could be applied to other types of supplements and medications, as well. Current US health information clearly indicates that the best way to absorb sufficient amounts of calcium to maintain and increase bone density is to consume foods that high in calcium.Some excellent non-dairy (readily absorbed) sources of calcium include:
  • Almonds – 1 oz. (about 23 nuts) - 75 mg.
  • Blackstrap Molasses – 1 T. – approximately 137 mg.
  • Beans
    • White beans 3/4 cup has 120 mg
    • Navy beans 3/4 cup has 94 mg
    • Black Turtle beans 3/4 cup has 75 mg
    • Chickpeas 3/4 cup – 58 mg
    • Tofu 150g – 350 mg
  • Brazil Nuts – 2 oz. (about 12 nuts) - 90 mg.
  • Broccoli – 2 cups boiled - 124 mg.
  • Canned Salmon with bones - 3oz - 200 mg.
  • Celery - 2 cups raw - 81 mg.
  • Collard Greens - 1 cup boiled - 266 mg.
  • Flax Seeds – 2 T. - 52 mg.
  • Instant Oats - 1 packet – 165 mg
  • Kale – 1 cup boiled - 94 mg.
  • Kelp - 1 cup raw - 136 mg.
  • Oranges - 1 medium - 52 mg.
  • Papaya - 1 medium - 73 mg.
  • Sardines - I can - 100 gr.
  • Sesame Seeds – ¼ cup - 351 mg calcium.
  • Spinach – 1 cup boiled - 245 mg.
  • Swiss Chard – 1 cup boiled - 102 mg.
  • Tahini(sesame seed butter) – 2 T. raw – 126 mg.
Among the calcium supplements that contain the most essential components, here are a few*.
Bone Builder from Ethical Nutrients Bone Defense from Kal Bone Support from Synergy Plus Osteo-B-Plus from Biotics Research

* Resource: Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 1st Ed

Friday, May 1, 2009

Diet Philosophy - My Experience

Recently Kirsti Alley has received attention in the media for 'falling off ' the wagon again. Personally, I don't think she looks that bad. What's sad is that she feels so bad about it. She's a great comedian, a talented actress and a stunning beauty. She doesn't deserve to have her weight concerns as the major focus of her life. Many women, including myself have had to contend with issues associated with various aspects of our looks, and particularly our size. In college, I gained what I considered, quite a lot of weight. This severely impacted my self esteem for the worse. For years, I go on fasts, took diet pills, which in the 1980's contained amphetamines (I'll never forget the alternating heart palpitations, clammy sweats, nausea and the shakes). I tried all the popular diets of the day: Atkins, Scarlesdale, etc, but didn't try Jenny Craig. I also became very adept at concealing my perceived bumps and bulges via layering my clothing just right. Throughout this period of dieting my weight simply coasted up and down. On a whim I became a vegetarian in the early nineties, then moved back to Europe. Over time I developed an ability to limit my consumption of food, and learned more about nutrition. Living in Italy, I picked up some habits such as 'not eating out of schedule', staying away from fast and fried foods, and my favorite, replacing soda pop with a glass of vino, drinking lots of water, too. Italians have a certain secret that allows them to enjoy delicious multi-course meals while remaining a surprisingly svelte, as a nation; finishing a meal with a nice hot espresso. That's it (of course, the traditional Mediterranean based, olive oil rich diet, and all the walking, may have a bit to do with it, too). After my 'diet journey', I returned full circle to my old high school weight and size American 5/7 Jr's, which I've maintained well over 15 years.

I believe that completely changing your attitude toward food, focusing more on nutrition and incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle as a philosophy is the only way to consistently achieve and maintain an ideal weight. In other words, I'm not a fan of packaged meals or (those ghastly) drinks.

Have a sunny day,

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