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Compassion - Sponsor a Child

Friday, August 14, 2009

How Much Meat Should We Eat

The average American eats about 200 pounds of meat per year. Let's see, that would be 15 cows, 24 hogs, 900 chickens, 12 sheep and 1000 lbs of other assorted animals in their lifetime..

Eh, I suppose it could be worse. Its been years that I've become shocked by statistics. I remember having some Filipino friends, whose mother would cook at least two bonified meat and or fish loaded meals per day, if not three. In my mind, I find meat a lot less harmless than carbohydrates, which in my old age, I avoid like the plague. I'm one of the few who completely got the Atkinson's Diet. Anyway, I think its good time that I look into the actual amount we need to eat, if any. Oh yes, I must add, that I was a vegetarian throughout the entire 90's. So let's check out the scoop...

In England, the World Wild Life Fund, is in the process of instituting the practice of grocers to include warning labels on meat limiting its consumption to three [4oz.?] portions per week. The explanation being that Britons are consuming some 70% over the recommende amount, as well as 40% over the recommended amount of dairy intake.

Now on the other hand, and I mean the one way to the left, British Master Chef now based in Australia, John Torode ezplains that beef is 'chockfull of protein, monounsaturated fats, vitamins such as B12, niacin, B6, and trace minerals such as phosphorus and zinc.

Our bodies need these nutrients to keep us healthy, build strong muscles, give us energy and help us fight disease.

Vitamin B12, in particular, can be obtained only from animal protein. It is essential in the production of red blood cells and, scientists in the magazine Nature have just revealed, vital for preventing brain shrinkage and dementia. And with two out of five Britons deficient in B12'.

For all practical purposes, I will surmise that the chef is referring to the highest quality, grass fed organic beef or something along those lines.

Really, there are countless view regarding the appropriate amount of meat to eat. I suppose when it really comes down to it, maybe people should eat as much meat as they can catch.

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