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Compassion - Sponsor a Child

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Clean Your Colon, Slim Down and Live Healthy

Did you know that everything we eat ends up in our colon as toxic materials. Eventually these toxins can, and will, in many cases develope into diseases such as candida, obesity and cancer. Another serious threat to colon health are parasites. Indeed, at any given moment, illness causing parasites are present in the body.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, famous surgeon and the father of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, believed that the bowel could be the origin of most health problems, hence his creation of a bran cereal to aid in colon function. He maintained that 90% of disease is due to improper functioning of the colon.

- And me, basically, a nobody believes the same thing. In the late 1980's I ventured to Milan and Pavia, Italy on a kind of vacationa nd decided to try to make a life of it. The consensus among the Italians that I met on my travelled appeared to be was that fried foods and carbonated beverages were 'male, male per il fegato' - Bad, bad for the liver. Over the years, I've come full circle to understand their view as truth. However, I further beg to consider such anti-nutritional poisons equally dangerous to the health of the colon. If one is to think of indigent cultures whom do not rely or even have access to the near nutrition absent inventions of greedy corporations to feed the privately funded medical industry, and you will find that they enjoy optimal health and long life. Gee, go figure.
Probably the most simple way to begin to cleanse the colon is to begin to drink Senna tea in the evening. Many cultures, such as the Chinese and Italian encourage the gentle cleansing of the colon by ingesting a hot beverage after the evening meal such as an espresso or green tea. Senna is the active ingredient of most laxatives so only a small amount of leaves are needed.
An additional way to cleanse the colon with the gaurantee of the absorption of vital minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, is to institute a daily regime that begins with a supplemental drink by the name of Meta Greens, by Univera Life Sciences. While there are a number of so called colon cleansers on the market, natural Senna and Meta Greens are the two with which I am familiar and trust.

Knowledge is Power in the end.

Take good care,


  1. interesting article, my mom looks at slides all day to determine which cells are healthy vs those that are not and she always tells me to have the colon checked early. I use and love the Metagreens, where can I find good Senna? Thanks for posting.

  2. Hello, nice website.

    Well this is mine.

    Latest post: Dental care for you and your kids(only for USA)

  3. This is quite interesting, I was actually wondering about colon in the manual procedure. My mom bought one of those shady in-a-box ones and I dont think it did anything.


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