Compassion - Sponsor a Child

Compassion - Sponsor a Child

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vitality 4, and 6 - Essentials + Heart Health. Grade: Rave

Mind you, not all of the nutritional supplements that I have taken will receive the 'Rave' grade, but these first items on my review list definitely gets my stamp of approval.

Like so many, I find it quite challenging to establish and stick to a dietary supplement program. For one thing, I hate taking a bunch of pills. Further, as I simply do not eat food in the morning, there's always a fear of that inevitable nebula of nausea that bound to creep up on you right in the middle of an otherwise perfectly productive day. I've long been of the belief also that vitamins and minerals, especially are better absorbed in liquid form. When my neighbor, Paula came calling to introduce me to her Melaleuca, wellness business, I listened, but also mentioned all my concerns. She gave a good argument; that research showed that the tablets are readily soluble, and don't cause constipation to boot, so I thought I would try the package dietary supplements that she recommended. Paula ended up being my 'vitamin partner', reminding me to 'stay on the line' in terms of keeping with the daily task of taking virtually a birage of nutritional supplements in pill form.

After a few weeks of remaining on the regime a proverbial light bulb came on in my head bringing to light the exceptional effects of these Melaleuca products specifically:

1. Vitality 4 - Essentials + Heart Nutrition for Women (Mens' formula available, too)
2. Phytomega Heart Health Supplement
3. Provex CV Heart health Supplement
4. * Vitality 6 is all of the above in a single daily packet

Additionally, I take chewable B-12 by Naturally Preferred, and prescription vitamin D2 (after my doctor informed me I was bordering on rickets)!

The improvements I noticed the most were increased concentration and energy, stable mood, significantly decreased joint pain. I even received a few compliments on how lovely my skin looked. Needless to say, I'm completely sold on these natural curatives and seriously consider every person in the 'Hitting Infinity' age group to embark on this genuinely effective program.

The following references describe the solubility of organic compounds in Melaleuca nutritional supplements (For medical professionals and all others):

Putting Mineral Absorption to the Ultimate Test—Human Cells

Minimization of Free Radical Damage by Metal Catalysis of Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplements

Improving Mineral Performance of Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplements
by Using a New Mineral Delivery System

More information on the actions of specific supplemental components to follow.


Don't hesitate to contact me directly with questions or comments:

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